Giving Back In 2023

A portion of every Love From Lily purchase goes toward supporting charities for companion animals. Once again, we donated to the ACKCSC Charitable Health Trust, whose mission is to protect and ensure the continuing health and welfare of the breed. In addition, it provides financial and other support for charitable, educational, and research efforts for dogs, particularly the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It is my hope that research, better treatments, and breeding practices will one day successfully change the health profile of our dear cavalier companions.

Love From Lily also donated to Can Do Canines, whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities by creating partnerships with specially trained dogs. It takes a lot of training to prepare a dog for service work, and it is a very special dog that makes the cut. The Netflix documentary Pick Of The Litter is a fascinating must-see for any dog lover!

Our Cavalier Family

Last February, we lost our dear Ruby Cavalier, Edie, at age 14-1/2. She was equal parts determined and cuddly; boy, did she teach us patience! We miss her so very much, but we were fortunate to be able to give her a peaceful exit at home. She passed with her humans and Kelly Anne by her side on her favorite blanket on her favorite couch.

We were not anticipating getting another Cavi so soon, but in June, we welcomed a new family member, Pippa. She is 100% sassitude and a great addition to the pack. Here she is with Kelly Anne on her very best behavior—a very grown-up 9-month-old!

Thank you for another great year of learning, pup-loving, and fun. Want to PAWTICIPATE? Join us on Instagram!

Happy New Year Everyone!