Spring Newsletter

2024 was off to a great start until I slipped on ice and broke my dominant arm and leg this January. Three surgeries, two surgeons, a crew of physical therapists, and a few months later, I can now use my arm again! I rate this experience zero stars, and I do not recommend it. Unfortunately, this setback kept me from launching my Spring Collection. Those are the risks of a one-woman business.

Now that I can sew and lift an iron again, I’m working on an abbreviated Summer collection. I also hope to expand the store experience on this site to offer customers another way to shop.

I am so glad to be healthy and hope to recover completely, which will take time and lots of physical therapy. I sure missed the pups while I was away. This photo is Kelly Anne on Saint Patty’s Day.

I’m so grateful for the medical team that has helped me get through this experience.

See you in a few weeks with a collection update! In the meantime, there are still plenty of Spring items in the shop!